What to do and see in Barrio Gótico

Maldà Singular Hotelis lucky enough to find himself in one of the most beautiful and authentic districts of Barcelona. Our neighbors are museums, local hendicrafts stores, century-old businesses and restaurants, and street full of history and charm. That is why, we wanted to create our own tour, letting you know what to do and see in Barrio Gótico should you ever come visit us.

1.Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

Start your tour with a visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi, located within walking distance of the Maldà Singular Hotel. This basilica is one of the finest examples of Gothic art in Barcelona and a must-see for those exploring Barrio Gótico. Enjoy its impressive crypt, collection of Catalan gold and silverware and historical exhibition. The basilica’s beautiful garden offers a peaceful respite, while the bell tower provides panoramic views of the city. The transept vault is one of the most spacious in Spain, and its rose window, the largest in Catalonia, floods the interior with vibrant, colorful light.

2.Plaza del Pi

After visiting the basilica, head to the Plaza del Pi, which is located just across the street. This cozy square is surrounded by bars and cafes, offering the perfect place to enjoy a break while soaking up the historical and cultural atmosphere of the place. The square is an oasis of calm and a popular meeting point, where visitors can savor a drink or a snack in the open air. In addition, it often hosts local markets and cultural events, giving visitors an authentic Barcelona experience.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

3.Calle Petritxol

From Plaza del Pi, walk to the nearby Calle Petritxol, famous for its traditional chocolate shops. Don’t miss the opportunity to try a hot chocolate with churros in one of its cozy chocolate shops. In addition to its gastronomic offerings, the street has art galleries and specialty stores, making it a perfect place to enjoy a sweet moment while exploring the neighborhood.

4.Calle Avinyó

Continue your walk to Calle Avinyó, one of the most vibrant and artistic streets in Barrio Gótico. Known for its bohemian and artistic atmosphere, where you can find murals and street art that give a unique and colorful touch to the area. In addition, the street is home to trendy boutiques and fashion boutiques, making it a perfect destination for those looking for alternative cultural and shopping experiences.

5.Barcelona Cathedral

After exploring Calle Avinyó, head towards the majestic Barcelona Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia. This imposing Gothic building is one of the city’s most notable icons. Admire its ornate facade with sculptures and gargoyles, as well as its beautiful cloister with orange trees that offers a haven of peace in the midst of the urban bustle. Walk through its side chapels, each with a unique artistic wealth, and discover the crypt of Santa Eulalia, patron saint of the city. If you get the chance, climb to the rooftop for panoramic views of the Barrio Gótico and beyond.

Barcelona Cathedral

6.Calle del Bispe

After visiting the cathedral, walk a few steps to reach Calle del Bisbe, one of the most emblematic streets of Barrio Gótico. This street is famous for its iconic Gothic bridge, known as the Puente del Obispo, which connects the Palacio de la Generalitat with the Casa dels Canonges. See the ornate details and sculptures on the bridge, which is one of the most photographed spots in the city. Along the street, you will see historic facades with medieval architectural elements, immersing you in the atmosphere of bygone eras. This street is an unmissable stop for lovers of history and architecture.

Puente del Obispo

7.Plaza Sant Jaume

After strolling along Calle del Bisbe, continue your tour to the nearby Plaza de Sant Jaume. Here, you can see how history blends with current politics in a setting surrounded by elegant buildings. Take your time to enjoy the monuments and discover the different historical stages through the different architectures present in the square.

Plaza Sant Jaume

8.Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA)

Within walking distance of the Plaza de Sant Jaume is the Museum of History of Barcelona (MUHBA), located in the Plaza del Rey. This museum offers a unique insight into the history of the city, from its founding as Barcino in Roman times to the present day. You can explore the subway archaeological remains, which include ancient Roman buildings, and immerse yourself in the different historical stages of Barcelona through interactive and educational exhibits. This museum is a must-see to understand the evolution of the city.

9.Plaza Real

From the MUHBA, take a walk south to reach the Plaza Real, an elegant square located near the Rambla. This elegant square is characterized by its Gaudí-designed lampposts, palm trees, and neoclassical architecture. It is the ideal place to enjoy a drink or a meal in one of the bars and restaurants with terraces that surround the square, while watching the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city.

Plaza Real

10.El Call

From the Plaza Real, take a stroll to El Call, the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona. This historic corner transports you back to the Middle Ages with its narrow cobblestone streets, providing a unique atmosphere evocative of times gone by. El Call is home to places of interest such as the Major Synagogue of Barcelona, one of the oldest in Europe. The neighborhood preserves medieval architecture with old buildings, iron-barred windows and hidden courtyards that reveal its rich history. Although El Call is a small area, its influence on Barcelona’s culture and heritage is significant, and walking through it allows you to immerse yourself in one of the most authentic places in the city.

Barcelona’s Barrio Gótico invites you to lose yourself in its narrow streets, immerse yourself in its rich history and enjoy its vibrant atmosphere. Stay at Maldà Singular Hotel for unbeatable access to all these wonders, while resting in comfortable and elegant surroundings in the heart of the city. Come and discover all the secrets of Barrio Gótico with us!

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