Maldà’s favorites: or how to travel (and savour) through gastronomy

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Barcelona?” For many people, the Catalan capital brings up images of year-round sunshine, a hedonistic lifestyle and Gaudi’s splendid architecture. And they’re right, but something else makes Barcelona stand out even more: the food. It all started in the early 2000s with a certain chef, Ferran Adrià, whose legendary (now closed) El Bulli put Catalonia firmly on the map of the world’s best dining destinations. These days, Barcelona is home to a new generation of chefs who can be found working their magic everywhere from unassuming tapas bars and natural wine bars to multi-Michelin-starred temples of haute cuisine. Here is our selection of restaurants in the Catalan capital to discover Spanish gastronomy during your stay in Barcelona.

Start the day like a real Barcelonian!

Let’s start with what many call “the most important meal of the day”, and that is, if you want to start the day with an authentic Barcelonian breakfast, we recommend you to visit the Pinotxo Bar, now named the Mític Bar,  one of the oldest and most famous bars in the Boqueria Market, an emblematic market in the city of Barcelona. Here you can enjoy a typical Spanish breakfast such as a tortilla de patatas, a plate of churros or a toast with tomato and olive oil. All of this served with a good coffee with milk or a fresh orange juice.


On the other hand, another very popular place for breakfast, La Granja Viader, one of the oldest cafes, much loved by both locals and tourists, 5 minutes from our hotel. Try their traditional sweet breakfast of churros with chocolate, you won’t be disappointed!


Finally, if you are looking for for a continental breakfast, we recommend La Granja Petitbo, one of our favorite places for its relaxed atmosphere and the surprises on the menu. Whether you prefer something sweet (pancakes, toast, porridge, homemade pastries of the day, etc.) or salty (eggs Benedict, quinoa salad, roast beef sandwiches, etc.). Drinks are also worth a visit. There are plenty of teas and coffees (also with soy milk) and the fruit juices are really fresh. La Granja Petitbo also serves brunch every weekend.


The best tapas bars

The tapas culture is one of the most deeply rooted in the city of Barcelona, and if you want to enjoy them like a local, we recommend you to go to Quimet & Quimet, a very famous tapas bar in Barcelona. Its specialty is preserves and pickles, but you can also enjoy other delicious tapas such as potato omelet, homemade croquettes, Iberian ham and a selection of cheeses.


                                                                                                     Clams, shrimps with caviar and foie gras on crackers

Follow your route by going to La Cova Fumada, one of the oldest bars in the city. They offer typical dishes of Catalan gastronomy such as bombas (battered potatoes stuffed with meat), Catalan spinach and the famous “suquets”. Here you can also taste a variety of tapas with fresh fish, calamari, herring, sardines, octopus, prawns, etc.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Las Bombas

The best fish and seafood restaurants

Barcelona is a coastal city with a wide variety of restaurants offering fresh and delicious seafood, such as Estimar, a tribute to the sea in a corner of the Born neighborhood. Here you can enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience, with a menu based on fresh seafood and fish that are prepared in a simple way to enhance their natural flavor, accompanied by a selection of wines and cavas.


Another place of reference in Barcelona, Botafumeiro, in the neighborhood of Gràcia. Its menu is very extensive and offers a wide variety of dishes with mollusks, crustaceans and other marine animals, such as lobster salpicón, crabs, seafood soup, barnacles, crayfish or scallops, you can even opt for trays of assorted seafood for a complete tasting.


Or if you want to try one of the most authentic paellas in the city, we recommend Arrosseria Xativa, in the neighborhood of El Raval. This paella is served with bomba rice, seafood and high quality meat. Its informal and cozy atmosphere is the ideal place to enjoy a dinner with family or friends.


Una buena merienda en Barcelona

A good snack in Barcelona

If you are one of those who enjoy a good snack, Barcelona is also a city that has a wide variety of places where you can enjoy a sweet or savory moment, accompanied by a good coffee or tea, as in La Granja La Pallaresa, in the neighborhood of El Born. A cafeteria and chocolate shop that offers thick hot chocolate and churros, as well as other cakes and homemade pastries. Its cozy and traditional atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for a Spanish-style snack.


Other snack options include Escribà, a pastry shop with several stores in Barcelona. Founded in 1906, it is known for its high-quality cakes, pies and pastries. In addition, they also offer savory options for snacking, such as empanadas and sandwiches.


Or La Cava Caker, a bakery that specializes in cupcakes and personalized cakes. They also offer savory options such as snacks and sandwiches.


Michelin in Barcelona

Barcelona also has a large number of high-quality restaurants and some of them have been awarded with the prestigious Michelin star. You cannot miss these restaurants if you are looking for a place to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, such as Lasarte, a three Michelin star restaurant located in the center of Barcelona, in the Monument Hotel. Its creative and contemporary cuisine, led by chef Martín Berasategui, offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Its tasting menus are a true work of culinary art, and the service is exceptional.


Also not to be missed is ABaC, a three Michelin-starred restaurant located in the Sarrià neighborhood. It offers a unique and avant-garde gastronomic experience, led by chef Jordi Cruz. Its tasting menus are a true work of culinary art, and the service is exceptional. In addition, the restaurant has an impressive wine cellar that houses more than 1,000 references of wines from around the world.


Another Michelin-starred restaurant you can’t miss, Disfrutar, an innovative restaurant, located in the Eixample, right in front of the Ninot Market, the establishment also surprises for its design inspired by fishing villages. This restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars and offers a unique and creative gastronomy, led by chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas. Their cuisine is innovative and playful, and their dishes are a true work of culinary art. The tasting menu is highly recommended and offers a combination of classic and original dishes, designed to surprise and delight diners.


Barcelona’s culinary offer is varied and colorful for all tastes. From haute cuisine restaurants to traditional tapas bars, there is something for every palate. It also promises unique human experiences. Enjoy your stay in Barcelona and enjoy each and every meal, as they will all introduce you to new flavors!

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